Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Musharaf resigns for the sake of Pakistan.


يل ترى بعده مين اللي هيحس على دمه؟

Mugabe can you hear me?


Anonymous said...

I had a comment on this one in my mind this morning but then I had a sore throat and my temp started to rise and now I can't even think. moreover, my car (etkalbeshet). So I had to stay at work instead of going home and having a good sleep.
Ya3ny what I wanted to say in brief keda..my generation was ..la2I can't write now..later.If I survive this one.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately there are few alternatives in Pakistan. As if Zadari is a beacon of democratic principles - his nickname in the times of BB was "Mr. 10%", for which he was serving prison time. Musharaf's time may be up, but unfortunately it doesn't mean it's a victory for democracy.

You mention Mugabe, but why not Mubarak? Or is that not allowed?

EgyDiva said...

i like to maintain diversity. its not only mubarak thats on my mind, i dont think about egypt all the time. or is that not allowed?