Wednesday, February 4, 2009

jaded/ You gotch yo mama's style But you're yesterday's child to me

Poof! No wait, he's still there...

Its hard living in Egypt to gather a coherent thought sometimes, because just as you give yourself a moment to complete a ponderance, or pontification, whatever you fancy, you're hit on the head with 12 other things that just make your head spin around.
Sinai for example, is a case in point, the relations between the security authorities and the widely acknowledge drug culture that runs amuck freely right behind each security check point has often caused to me to wonder how anything actually functions here, and what are the dynamics behind it.
But because the aforementioned idiosyncracy i just mentioned would require more of a dissertation and thesis than a blog entry ill limit myself to this little thing i noticed this morning (amongst 20,000 other thingies).
Reading Al Masry Al Youm this morning, I wondered more about the amusements and motivations of the Egyptian reader. Front Page, Top Right, Font Bold, a story about Ahmed Nazif. But did the largest post focus on the content of his speech? the fact that unemployment rate is a festering epidemic eating out the economic stability of Egypt? No, not really, surely it was mentioned of course, but right underneath the headline that starkly spat out "Nazif's Speech to the Shura council occurs during 4 Electricity Power Cuts" and then in smaller fonr "the government isnt worried about inflation and can get past the financial crisis"...
Perhaps it is indeed more fruitful to bemusingly chuckle at Nazif speeching in the dark (I assure you I couldnt hold it in either when i read the caption) than to poke holes in the conviction anyone actually has that the egyptian government (who cant ensure constant power supply for the prime minister) has any real reason to show no concern for our impending economic doom. tee-hee.