Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Will everyone just calm down for a sec.... seventy-what??

Im really losing patience with the world's contemptuous attitude towards Libyan president, "the king of african kings", Muammar Gaddafi. He is neither more ruthless nor has he caused more damage to the world and its inhabitants than any other world leader- why does everyone resent him for at least being original? Even his face is entertaining. So he made a ridiculously long speech at the UN, who cares.
We're all happy to think he's some kind of devil when he receives back Abdel Baset al-Megrahi the blood thirsty terrorist, but its all fun and games for Italy to make use of his inhumane policies when they need to send back dozens of migrants on the brink of death. Italy's new deal with Libya wherein the former can send back anyone it doesnt want on its soil to Libya (where they will spend the rest of their days in unthinkable detention centers) is understandable, apparently, while receivig the Lockerbie terrorist to die in his home land after doing jail time is out of this world. If anyone could be described as "a sad commentary that he is granted presence in civilized society" its the assholes who would let 73 people die on a dinghy on the way to italy (including two pregnant women who were raped on the way). Please click here.