Thursday, August 21, 2008

لا يا شيخ؟

نظيف: الحكومة تتحمل تكلفة إعادة بناء وترميم «الشوري» بالكامل

أمال كمان كان هيكون على حسابنا؟؟


Lili said...

Despite the fact that I can't read Arabic (1. shame on me (a3yb?), 2. clearly, this has nothing to do with whatever you just wrote in this post...), I LOVE the fact that you're now posting everyday. Keep it up, Ms. Diva!

EgyDiva said...

haha thank u!
it reads "Nazif (the prime minister) announces that the government will handle the expenses of rebuilding the burnt down parliament"
its great how they make these announcments as if they're a favour to the population! Especially since most people seemed really happy to see the damn thing go down...theres even a facebook group about it :p