Monday, August 18, 2008

Chew your qat quietly, please.

One Lebanese newspaper got it right when they caught the Yemenis, dreaming of Saudi Arabia. What a nightmarish thought, you say? Well, yes, apparently, the Yemenis are really exceeding themselves in the pursuit of being all around nightmarish people. Their latest acheivement being the election of a full fledged "promotion of virtue and prevention of vice committee" a la Saudi Arabia, complete with a police force and everything! Some of you might be more familiar with the concept as "النهى عن المنكر والامر بالمعروف"- but give anyone such unabated moral authority and watch them run around beating people to death for having alcohol, or forcing them to be burned in a school fire because they weren't dressed appropriately enough to be saved.

To know more about the Saudi religious police force (as opposed to all the raging secularism going on over there) check out the blog "Religious Policeman" dedicated to the lives of the schoolgirls who were lost in that fire.

In case you had more faith in the Yemen (because, of course, they are known for their triumphs in every field, particulary social justice) just take a looksie at what the committee has had to say already : "God intended women to be beautiful, and men to be attracted to women...if women reveal their beauty, men will be seduced and extramarital sex will occur. This will result in sexual chaos."

Not really sure what sexual chaos entails, but im sure Yemen already has it.

Also, they have vowed to disable all institutions which "wave war against God" like bars. Oh well, guess those crazy club hopping Sana'a nights are over.

Dear lord, I hope this disease isnt contagious.


Anonymous said...

Ok Diva look..It's my first time on your blog..I havn't read most of your blogs and I still don't know your way of thinking but I'll try to be reasonable.
I'll start from the bottom.
Maybe the scene of a naked woman doesn't move me now after I had sex with many women..after two unsuccessful marriages and so.But I do remember quite well howe scene..not of a naked women..but a leg or an arm or a bare breast set me on fire when i was a teenager. I mean anything would move me. And I wasn't an exception because I know all my peers were and night dreaming and masturbating like hell. Maybe I'm not pro modern Hijab, and i try to convince myself that I am a righteous person, but only coz I'm not a kid anymore and I can handle a sexy scene. I can't say that this a case with an egyptian kid who's turning thirteen.
Now Saudi Arabia..Yemen..and all this fuss. I consider myself a Salafi and I'm telling you those are not..and will never true representatives of Islam although they claim to be each and every day and by each and every mean. In fact, I think that the Saudi regime is the biggest threat on Islam, because it takes it as a cover to hide all sorts of corruption and pervertedness, not mentioning treason.
Just never bother

EgyDiva said...

thank you for your honesty, and thanks for passing by the blog!

i think most 13 year old boys in the world experienced their young teen years the same way as you, and im glad u brought this up.

my argument is basically saying that you cannot give a POLICE FORCE the authority to discipline the morals of society, like what happened in saudi arabia, when 15 girls were burned in a fire because the virtue and vice police said they had to cover themselves before the fireman could see them!

In Yemen, the way they talk about men and women is unreasonable: that woman are only alive for having babies and breastfeeding, and the man, as if he is some immature creature, cannot resist even seeing the woman. even if you said at 13, you felt on fire, but you could hold back. are the men of Yemeni still not at the level of discipline of a 13 year old boy? and if not, why is that the responsibility of the woman?

My argument is not at all about islam but about giving a group of men, you dont know, or u dont know how they think, you just give them a gun and the authority to punish the whole society based only on their own judgement. I dont know about true and false representatives of islam, i just know that if turn a police force loose with NO instruction except:
"Here, take this gun..Go prevent vice, and promote virtue!"- then youre in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
and I always tell Islamists such a thing cannot be done in Egypt, we have been under the Shariaa law for centuries..which is something I embrace..and we always had our privacy..even in the style of (Nekab). In fact, every muslim country had its privacy concerning its customes and social being as a whole, all under Islamic rules. But there is a continous effort to turn each and every muslim society from china to Morroco into a Saudi copy, well they don't give such a good example to be imitated do they. As simple as that.
Even the Salafi movement was never a Saudi one. Saudis are using the Salafi ideas just as the Iranians are using the shiite ones, just a way to expand way behind their natural..or rather fabricated borders. to gain supporters or shall we say agents everywhere. The ideological identity of both is a big lie that's what it is.
I apologize for any mistakes .. I dont re read the things I write.