Monday, June 8, 2009

Now we're getting a taste of Hilary Clinton

these are my initial reactions, but im ready to hear yours....

Here's what Hilary has to say to Iran, very much in line with obama's lets-all-get-along and keep the world safe rhetoric...

pre-emptive from what? ?is the very existence of an iranian nuclear program a declaration of war? not everything is about not discounting the political and strategic concerns of iran, but its also true that some people need to be self sufficient in energy sources because they're alienated from the rest of the world..walla eh? is anyone really dumb enough to nuclear bomb israel? i really dont think so. and being next door to israel, i can honestly say i trust a nuclear bomb in the hands of the iranians just as much as in the french, the british or the israelis. north korea im not so sure about, they're just plain crazy. and the japanese might be holding a grudge..who was it that bombed them again? ok, ok that was a low blow.

Mrs Clinton appeared ready to unnerve the Iranian leadership with talk of a pre-emptive strike “the way that we did attack Iraq”. ;
what a bullying B-i-t-c-h

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