Friday, January 2, 2009

Facebook gives you a shorter life.

In re-learning the rules of keeping a blog, trying to preserve a free flowing discursive practise, im trying to tell myself that theres not some things i "should" blog about and others not. whatever's up is up i guess.
My latest inspiration, my latest meditation, my latest acheivement, has been reading a complete book. i wont lie, its been a while since ive conjured up enough energy to relax with a book. its so much easier to remain distracted, facebook helps- and was severely stressful, i was unable to continue an attention span longer than the time it took to click from one profile picture to the next wall post.
Of course, it helps to read a great book; I just finished a book by Tom Robbins, called Jitterbug Perfume.
If the book, as Robbins himself described, is "meditation for the hyperactive" then thats exactly what I needed. As the book will tell you, prolonged breathing cycles, and deep inhalation, will immortalize you. I had just deactivated facebook and since then i swear i think ive even been taking deeper breaths.Well, thats one down. Next element: Water.

Ive also decided to stop being drunk on love.


zeinab said...

More and more often lately, it keeps occuring to me to breathe. And focus.and think. And rethink. And feel whatever it is I'm feeling. And I think if we can do that at least once a day, we're alright.

Mood said...

ana mela7ez en tom robins ba2a waba2 we entashar men ta7t rassy! :)

EgyDiva said...

ACTUALLY Mood, the first i heard of him was from my sister's best friend's mother...
inta illy intashar min ta7t batak ta2reeban in ilwa7ed yifakar fi okhto we howa.

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