Monday, September 8, 2008

Shanty Town 1

I don't know what to say. It's one thing to see total, utter lack of management and complete incompetence when its the parliament thats enflamed, and no one really cares much, at least on any humanitarian level (although its disturbing- not surprising- to confirm that no one cares about the parliament burning to a crisp)..
But its quite another thing to see a 15 ton slab of mountain dislocate from Moqattam and crash onto the heads of hudreds of families in their sleep. And its yet another thing to read the stories of the survivor's who were forbidden from trying to rescue their relatives caught somewhere beneath the rockslide. In one report, one man's brother was calling him consistently for three hours, confirming that he's still alive, begging for help, suffocating. On the other side, his brother was stopped by the police from going in. And they all just stood there. Because the authorities could do nothing. as usual.

The level of bullshit we are being asked to swallow about the Al Doweqa incident is massive. From the very beginning, the fact that several reports were submittied warning precisely of this sort of natural disaster were entirely overlooked. Actually, lets take it a step further and wonder WHY such an enormous area of shanty's, slums, were left completely ignored, with not a single amenity and now, we see, not the slightest concern for the safety of the people's lives. I guess its not surprising, we're not really big on human life. I dont have it in me to explain what is wrong, what is so messed up about having a government that not only is unable to protect the most vulnerable of its citizens pre-emptively, but is so careless and paralysed when the shit does actually hit the fan.

For facts and figures and a complete report:
(el badeel is also accessible in english)

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