Thursday, June 12, 2008

Palestinians make me Sea Sick, IDF makes me Sick.

I met a Palestinian girl the other day who asked me why I've never posted anything about Palestine and Israel on my blog yet. I told her that when it comes to Palestine and Israel,I wonder where to start, what year, what concept, side, what angle, what to say, who to address, and why. Its always overwhelming for me.

And then I heard about THIS. An actual checkpoint ordered by the IDF to prohibit Palestinians from entering the shores of the Dead sea in the West Bank. It makes my stomach churn.

"For now" the prohibition is imposed on weekends and holidays so as not to turn the Israeli sea side goers off with the unsightly vision of Palestinians on nearby shores.

When questioned about the legality of the move, the commander said it would be easy to find "a post facto security justification" This is truly disgusting. It just plain out says: its bad for Israeli business so lets keep them out. And lets make a law from the highest constitutional body to pass it. And lets worry about explaining it later.

So not only are we using the 'security' argument to keep the business going, we want to make this profit exclusive only to Israelis although its actually located on the Occupied Territories
and of course, keep the Palestinians out of the only beach spot still accessible to them.

Pass me a bucket someone, Im going to puke all over the Israeli beach managers and the military and jurists who support them.


Mohamed said...

Hadn't heard about that... Assholes. I'll make sure I go to the Dead Sea one of these days, enter the beach, and try to scare the Israeli customers away. That should be fun.

Mohamed said...

Oh - and nice blog, by the way. I am enjoying your writing style.

zeinab said...

Maybe the Israeli authorities are just worried that if they let the Palestinians on to the beach they'll throw Israel into the sea or something.
Dear God.

EgyDiva said...

thanks mohamed. i cant post as frequently as I'd like to because Im busy with work and most of the times it takes me a while to get over the initial rage and formulate a post, but keep dropping by : ) its a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

we want more sarcasm and wit.. :) dont forget about your blog