Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is how we do it

The Egyptian Authorities always prepare for big, prestigious events, even if that preparation is questionable at best, and shortsighted, misguided and ludicrous at worst.
Currently, the authorities are preparting for The World Economic Forum scheduled to take place in Sharm El Sheikh at the end of the month. As security measures are tightened for the event- (because normally we're just so chill and relaxed about things)- they started deporting all kinds of manual and construction workers OUT of the entire South Sinai region as a whole.
Around 90% of the Southern Sinai (Dahab, Nuweiba, St.Katherines, Tora...) has been totally cleared from construction and other workers coming from other parts of the country to work. Business owners in Sinai, also found themselves staff-less in the middle of construction or peak tourism periods.

Once again Im struck by the irony: in order to prepare for a conference about ECONOMICS, talking about poverty, employment and productive growth- we directly resort to driving the rich out of business and rendering the poor unemployed.


Jazz said...

I love your witty sarcasm... mafeesh zayek

all i can think of is that song that with the whiny voice singing the same line 'this is how we do it' was it backstreet boys?

Jazz said...

you should have started this blog ages ago.. :)

Sarah said...

How farcical is that? Someone should turn this into a movie.

EgyDiva said...

thanks Jazzie!

zeinab said...

who cares about workers?they're ugly and poor.

EgyDiva said...

but something about the rugged working class is sexy as hell. bulging sunkissed muscles..